The Best Password Manager is LastPass


The Best Password Manager is LastPass

Password managers are ‘store and manage passwords’ applications. They help you manage literally hundreds of website login credentials so that you don’t have to remember them. There are a number of password managers available today. Indeed password managers are in-built into web browsers nowadays. But they are not as secure as dedicated password managers. That is because they can’t store your passwords in your hard disk in encrypted form by default(though this is changing). You can’t generate strong passwords with the built-in password managers either. You can of course encrypt your entire hard disk but that’s just a ‘kill a bee with a tank’ solution.

There are two major solutions for dedicated password managers. One is online and the other is offline. The online password manager has the ability to automatically sync your password database online over multiple devices. The offline one helps you manage everything manually. You can of course manually share your database over Dropbox or Google Drive. So for each category I have chosen two password managers here.

Online Password Manager

LastPass - The Best All Round Password ManagerLastPass is an excellent password manager that can be installed on your hard disk as a desktop application. It has support for all the major browsers in the world in the form of extensions or addons. It stores your passwords online and encrypt them as well. Millions have been using LastPass and there are no nightmares faced yet. It can also generate passwords for websites automatically when it detects a registration page. It also puts in the login credentials when you reach a login page. If you work on multiple systems you can try out LastPass. Its free for Standard home use and you can also store notes in it. The ease of use of LastPass is simply unbelievable. But then if you feel uncomfortable storing your passwords online and encrypted you can try out the offline alternative.

 Offline Password Manager

KeePass - The Best Offline Password Manager image

KeePass is a completely offline solution. It is a desktop application that can generate and manage your passwords. This password manager has the added advantage of being as secure as you want it to be. Because it is not stored online, you can control where and how it gets stored. Besides KeePass is free and open source so if you wish you can check out the code. Indeed since many folks must have tried it out already, you can be reasonably assured that the code is completely safe and the application can be trusted.

What I don’t recommend

Both the password managers are awesome. LastPass has an edge over KeePass but then ultimately its your choice. Only thing I won’t recommend is trusting technology with everything. If something can go wrong it will go wrong. Though you can store bank account passwords and credit card accounts in these tools, I suggest you don’t. No report has yet surfaced about any issues but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Password Manager is LastPass

  1. June

    I love using a password manager it makes me feel more secure when I am on the Internet. I have been using one since 2006 called Roboform.

    1. Sarthak Ganguly Post author

      Roboform was great when it first launched. It’s good that you use one. But it is paid software(the free version allows only 10 logins) Besides multiple device support also charges a premium. Otherwise on an Enterprise level, it seems good.

      1. Kim O'Donnell

        I’ve been using the free version for my two laptops, galaxy tab and ipad. I haven’t had any problems with it (been keeping under ten logins though) I’m not sure why you say they require pay for multi-device support, that might only apply to more than ten logins though. (Not trying to start a fight or anything just trying to figure out what you meant more or less. (On a related note I really enjoyed your article on Google hangout, do you plan on writing on apps for iOS anytime soon?)

        1. Sarthak Ganguly Post author

          Ok, my bad Kim… Honestly I am not very well informed about that app. Point noted :) But 10 logins for me is a handicap. But then again it offers better enterprise level security – as far as their website advertises. Thanks about the article on Google Hangout :P
          iOS? To be fair, I don’t have any device but planning to get an iTouch soon, so can’t say no. I will be glad to write about it – especially on app development.

    1. Sarthak Ganguly Post author

      Browser based password managers are good, but their strength is also their weakness. Like you won’t be able to use ChromePass directly with say Internet Explorer 10!!!(Not that I recommend it :P ) You can try giving LastPass a try. I was very bad with remembering passwords. In fact, ‘forgot password’ was the link I had to click the most.

  2. Al Simmons

    I tried LastPass before deciding to upgrade to the paid version of RoboForm, the multiple security breaches experienced by LastPass over the past year made me nervous, that and the lack of support they offer. Can’t really be that upset about it though when the software is free. I would personally rather pay the $10 for RoboForm and feel more secure knowing they have never been hacked and offer live phone support.

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